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Vegetarian Anda/ Vegan Egg, 320 g

Weight : 320 grams

India’s first nutritionally superior plant-based vegan/vegetarian alternative to eggs. 

About the Product

PlantMade - Vegetarian/Vegan Egg - High protein, zero cholesterol plant-based egg alternative. 

India’s first nutritionally superior plant-based alternative to eggs. The PlantMade vegetarian Anda powder ensures that your family gets quality vegetarian protein in their diet, without any cholesterol and without the antibiotics fed to the hens found in the regular eggs and with only a fraction of the fats compared to a conventional egg. What more, it gives you more protein per gram than a conventional hen-egg. Now you can enjoy your favorite egg dish during Navratri and Tuesdays too. 

How to prepare?

Just shake the bottle a little and use just like a whisked egg. 

Cook on low flame for a longer duration than a conventional egg. Let it set before flipping or breaking ( the scramble). You may add onions, green chilly, coriander, black pepper, and salt as per your taste and choice of preparation.

Introducing India’s first plant-based egg alternative -

*Made from Moong Dal protein.

*Shelf Stable powder- ready for use in 30 seconds.

*9 Months of Shelf Life.

*The perfect way to give your family high-quality protein.

*Simple to use- blend with water, oil, and cook.

*Get more protein per gram than a real egg.

*PlantMade's vegetarian egg is CHOLESTEROL FREE and very low in fat.

*Great for use in scrambles, bhurji, fried rice, wraps, sandwiches, burgers, etc.

*You never have to worry about any antibiotics or diseases coming into your food.

*Made from locally sourced moong dal protein.

*No artificial preservatives or sugars.

*Great for people with lactose, gluten, and nut allergies.

*It is a pure vegetarian, vegan and kosher product.

*PlantMade's vegetarian egg is great for a Keto diet or any other diet.

*PlantMade's vegetarian egg adds variety to your vegetarian meals.


Did you  know ? 

People are increasingly getting concerned about consuming eggs. Much contrary to the belief created by the egg industry through marketing ads, the researches have found eggs full of antibiotics, hormones, dyes, tranquilizers.

·       Yolks are high in cholesterol.

·       Each egg of 100 grammes has 450-500 milligrammes of cholesterol, a substance causing heart diseases, artery blockages, heart attacks and strokes. Cholesterol level above 200 mg in the system means your heart is in trouble.  

·       The study, published in February 2021 in PLoS Medicine, found that every additional half egg participants ate per day was associated with a 7 percent higher risk of premature death from all causes. Also, every extra 300 milligrams (mg) of cholesterol per day was linked to a 19 percent higher risk of dying early.

·       Eggs contain an amino acid called melhionine. This destroys Vitamin B in the body and promotes heart disease.

·       The yellow in the egg is usually the result of an injected chemical dye, since hens usually can’t produce yellow yolks unless they are left free in the sun, which doesn’t happen in the cramped up cages.

·       Hens are fed hormones to produce more than one egg a day, antibiotics are mixed in their feed to keep them healthy and alive in cramped conditions, the cardboard waste and chopped up bodies of male birds that they are fed. Just as a pregnant mother's food translates itself into the health of the newborn baby, all these poisons percolate into the egg.

·       For eg. Gentamycin, which is widely used in poultry feed, is found in the egg. It is a nephrotoxin-a substance that damages human kidneys.

·       Besides the above concerns regarding the adverse health impact of eggs, did you know that billions of newborn male chicks are simply grounded in grinders, drowned or burnt because they happen to be the unwanted by product of egg industry ?